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Top gaming destinations for Australians in 2020


Australia has recently introduced a new ban on gambling websites which has been in the works since November of last year when the Australian Communications and Media Authority began forcing Internet Service Providers to block illegal gambling websites. This ban most concerned the illegal offshore website that had quite a following in Australia. Websites like Roo Casino, GW Casino, Wager Beat, Joe Fortune, Ignition Casino, Casino Dingo, AU Slots, Top Bet and XBet were the ones that got blocked.

And while some of the venus offering online blackjack for Australians, or other sorts of casino games online are still accessible, the recent ban on these sites has made Australia’s online gambling scene pretty gloomy. Australia’s Communications and Media Authority received almost 80 complaints about these sites withholding the wins and restraining access to deposits After further looking into tit the Australian government found that these websites were violating section 313 of the Telecommunications Act. and according to the Parliament of Australia’s website this section provides the government agencies with the ability to obtain assistance from the telecommunication industry when upholding Australian laws and the government has used this to terminate the operation of online services in breach of Australian law.

So if you’re one of many Australians who love to gamble and aren’t happy with the local options here are a couple of options you can consider that are near.


The easiest choice for anyone living in Australia wanting to gamble outside the country is Macau. The only place in China where gambling is legal. This is a perfect option for Aussies because it is still closeby and it is often hailed as the Las Vegas of China.     Which makes sense because this place is the epicenter of all entertainment. If you want to get out of Australia this is the most efficient option. Macau is actually part of UNESCO World Heritage and offers a lot more than just gambling venues. It’s a beautiful place to explore with its buildings and city setups. Macau is only 30 square kilometers but is still one of the top ten destinations in China. It is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. And actually another perk of Macay for Aussies is that you don’t need a visa to travel to Macau if you are an Australian citizen which makes things easier and less stressful since traveling can be nerve-wracking enough.

Gambling has been legal in Macau since 1850 when the Portuguese government legalized it in the autonomous colony and its status as Monte Carlo of the East has stuck, even after the territory was back in China’s hands. So if you’re tired of the Australian gambling scene and want to explore something different then Macau should definitely be your first choice.

Las Vegas

But if you would rather try something more mainstream than Vegas is a go-to option. During the last year, the U.S’s attitude towards gambling has become more easy-going and you will likely have more options there anyway. But if you’re going to go to another country for the purposes of enjoying their gambling scene then Vegas still has no competition in the states.

It is a luxurious blend of clubs, restaurants, entertainment centers, different concert venues that also offer casinos that are world-famous and that have made Vegas into the iconic gambling destination that it is today. The variety and the quality of casinos that Vegas offers is pretty hard to match even though Australia has an impressive selection of casinos and similar luxury resorts as well. Vegas is an iconic destination for any sort of holiday and no matter what you\re after it is likely that you will find it there more than anywhere else.

Promoting responsible gambling and refining the industry as a whole is a very tedious and long process that requires a lot of monumental changes that are currently taking place in Australia and it will probably take some time for the whole industry to get back to its equilibrium in a better condition. Meanwhile, if you find yourself missing some of the foreign offshore casino services you can always resort to there two destinations for whatever you might be lacking at the time.

The regulations like these are crucial for elevating the whole experience of the players and to make sure that illegal activity does not become a norm in the industry. But with this, there are also drawbacks like lack of access to the games that the players love or the lack of variety on the gambling market in general. Traveling outside the country for games might seem excessive but both of these destinations are so much more than casino games. More so than that they offer a luxurious experience, even if you don’t stay at the fanciest hotel. The entertainment if everywhere in these two places you just have to choose the one that makes sense for you and enjoy probably some of the best moments of your life there.

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