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Big Bingo Wins in 2019

Big wins at bingo

Many people choose to go out and play bingo as a fun social event with friends.  However, online bingo has changed things in recent years and people can now play from the comfort of their own home.

Whereas local bingo halls may have some nice prizes up for grabs, they do not compare to the prizes offered online and at the large, branded bingo halls.

Take Mecca Bingo in the United Kingdom as an example.  Playing at this venue gives you the opportunity to win big prizes and life changing sums of money.  Not only that but they also have a website where you can play bingo games online using your computer.

For example, you only have to go back to July 2019 to find a win of over £2,500 on Turbo Gold Bingo using the Mecca Bingo website.  However, in the UK players have the opportunity to win a £50,000 jackpot at bingo halls up and down the country.

It does not matter if you are playing at Mecca Bingo, Castle Bingo, Flutters, Carlton Bingo or Buzz Bingo, every player can enter to try and win this fantastic prize.  At the Mecca Bingo hall in Taunton on the 31st August 2019 one lucky player walked away £50,000 richer having scooped the jackpot playing bingo.

At the time of writing in 2019, there have been over 50 different winners of the £50,000 jackpot bingo prize.  This is a huge amount of money to win but they are not the only big bingo wins 2019.

What qualifies as a big bingo win depends on personal circumstances and many people continue to win money which has changed their life in 2019.  However, while it is possible to win big playing bingo online, just ask Lisa Potter who claimed £1.3 million for a £5 stake at Ladbrokes bingo in 2012, there are other games at bingo websites which offer fantastic prizes.

While playing at Sun Bingo, the user ‘sandy493’ won over £56,000 from just a single spin on a slot machine.  You will find many online bingo websites have a range of slots to play and these can lead to some big wins.  For example, in 2019, a user named ‘nanacurlytop’ won over £30,000 playing Gold Rush on the Mecca Bingo website.

This is a popular online slot game and you will find many of these at online bingo websites.  Online game developers have also produced variations of bingo games and they are not only fun to play but offer great prizes for winners.

There is still plenty of time left this year for another big bingo win. Will we see another million pound win like we did in 2012? Could you be the next lucky person to play bingo and walk away with a big cash prize?

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