News 20-06-2020

Guide To Online Casino in Japan

As a nation of gaming and all-round technology lovers, Japan would seemingly be a perfect fit for online casinos. However, with strict laws continuing to restrict the online casino business in the country, this is a complex and difficult place to understand in terms of gambling. With that said, there are some permitted forms of […]

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Online casinos
News 12-06-2020

Guide to selecting the best new casino sites online

Fresh new casino sites continue to launch all the time, offering punters more variety than ever in terms of places to play. Whilst this is music to the ears of all involved, the number of new casino sites online can make deciding which one to enjoy a difficult process. Comparison portals including can be […]

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Jackpotjoy bingo - guide
News 29-05-2020

Funny & rude bingo calls you won’t hear online

Bingo is by definition a social game which encourages players to interact with each other. This requires a friendly atmosphere, so unlike other casino games, this one feels more like a shared quest. Being rude during the bingo game is always frowned upon by fellow players, who expect participants to maintain a positive atmosphere. There […]

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News 26-05-2020

Origins of Some of the Most Famous Bingo Calls

If you’ve ever played bingo in a physical venue, then you’ve probably heard the caller utter some seemingly nonsensical phrases after certain numbers. At least, phrases like ‘one little duck’ or ‘bang on the drum’ sound like nonsense at first, but they’re actually carefully designed nicknames given to the numbers drawn on the bingo balls. Callers […]

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Playing bingo in Vegas
News 22-05-2020

Why Bingo is So Popular in India

Bingo is becoming popular all over the world. This is the most apparent in the United Kingdom, which was netting the most number of players back in 2008. However, in this day and age, the world caught up to this fun game and a lot of companies all around the globe started making online bingo […]

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News 15-05-2020

How has competition in the bingo industry delivered innovation?

The bingo sector has helped support the overall growth of the gambling industry online, which itself has become a powerhouse industry. And while games like blackjack, poker, and roulette often suit the needs of more traditional players, slots and bingo, in particular, have helped the industry engage with a more casual gamer. The growth of […]

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News 13-05-2020

Payment Options Slots and Bingo

If you’re playing your favourite real money bingo and slots games through a mobile app then you’ll probably be making a deposit on your phone too. All of us want this process to be as quick and secure as possible. But which is the best option? Aside from debit cards there are several excellent eWallet […]

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pink elephants 2 slot
News 16-04-2020

5 Thrilling New Slots To Play

For many bingo players, video slots are a pleasure that we can all enjoy whilst we’re waiting for the numbers to be called in the next game, or sometimes at the same time as our bingo cards are being filled. There are thousands of these games available at bingo and casino sites in the UK […]

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News 17-03-2020

How can Canada become the new Malta?

Obtaining a genuine license for a casino is very important for successful operation and arranging legal matters. Currently, Malta is considered to be a European country, that continues to be an extremely popular destination for online casinos to get gaming licenses. The jurisdiction, which has been active since 2000, helps casinos to provide regulatory frameworks […]

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News 04-03-2020

Top gaming destinations for Australians in 2020

Australia has recently introduced a new ban on gambling websites which has been in the works since November of last year when the Australian Communications and Media Authority began forcing Internet Service Providers to block illegal gambling websites. This ban most concerned the illegal offshore website that had quite a following in Australia. Websites like […]

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