A Football pitch
News 18-06-2019

Double bet calculator

There are plenty of bets that you can place but one of the most straightforward ones is the double. It can be just as exciting as a bet that has plenty more selections and can be just as profitable if high odds selections are chosen. A double bet sees you choosing two selections rather than […]

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Starburst casino game
News 12-06-2019

Online Slot Games

With the availability of many online slot games, it might be confusing to select the one that is best for you. Sometimes the games featured in the app or play store attracts more customers due to the excellent advertising skills. When the game has attractive designs, interfaces, and killer theme, you will try to solve […]

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Why play online bingo?
News 04-06-2019

Why play online bingo

The advent of online casino games ensured that the bingo lovers could indulge in their favourite pastime from wherever they were, at any time of the day or night. Bingo is pretty popular on all casino platforms today and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. What’s even better is that several popular online […]

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Alternatives to Bingo?
News 15-05-2019

Bingo alternatives

If you are tired of playing bingo and want to try something different, there might be a couple of alternatives you are going to love. All of these are related to bingo more or less. Let’s check them out! Keno Keno is probably the first thing many bingo aficionados think about when seeking an alternative. […]

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News 19-03-2019

The Evolution of iGaming

Photo by cuncon / License iGaming is an industry that is not quite 25-years-old but has grown to become a $140 billion worldwide market. iGaming is the term given to services that provide digital versions of traditional games like poker, blackjack and bingo as well as casino games like roulette and slots. These games are […]

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News 27-02-2019

The History of Bingo

Bingo was a popular carnival game in 1930’s America Modern bingo is a huge industry worth around £80 m per year in the UK and £58 m per year in the United States, with at least three million regular players in Britain alone. Yet the game itself is nothing new. In fact, bingo’s origins can […]

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Online bingo games
News 15-02-2019

Tips for Online Bingo Games

Bingo is a popular game due to its simplicity. You do not need a complicated strategy to win the game, but you do need patience and careful planning. When you want to explore the latest bingo sites, it helps to have a plan for the game. By having a few ideas for a strategy when playing online bingo […]

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tips for playing online
News 14-02-2019

Top Tips For Casino Newbies

They’re advertised on TV and you’ve no doubt seen promotions running in your social media timeline every so often. Online casinos are everywhere and they’re fun to play, particularly if you follow a few simple rules. For newbies who are tempted to have a go, here are five great tips will help keep you on […]

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News 07-01-2019

Online vs Live Bingo

Are bingo halls the right call? Since the 1960s, bingo has been a huge pastime in the UK, with at least one bingo hall in every town filling their seats with large crowds every night. Today, many of those players have taken their fun online, playing one of the many online bingo games or apps […]

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News 20-12-2018

Diamond Bingo

Bingo lovers rejoice! There is a new review site in town designed to help you find the best bingo sites on the web. Diamond bingo is one of the most comprehensive review sites available and they cover a wide range of operators. They look at a lot of different factors when looking at a bingo […]

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