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How can Canada become the new Malta?


Obtaining a genuine license for a casino is very important for successful operation and arranging legal matters. Currently, Malta is considered to be a European country, that continues to be an extremely popular destination for online casinos to get gaming licenses. The jurisdiction, which has been active since 2000, helps casinos to provide regulatory frameworks for players if any issue arises.

At the present moment, there are over 2000 online casinos that have their licenses obtained in Malta. The main reason why the casinos select it is that it provides a wide variety of gaming licenses, appropriate for every site. Therefore it gained a full acknowledgement among online casinos to search for the license, particularly in Malta.

This article will discuss the possibility if Canada manages to become the new Malta in terms of licensing online casino providers.

Can Canada follow Malta’s footsteps?

Malta is undoubtedly very popular in Europe. It is much easier in Malta to obtain a license; however, in Canada, the situation is different. If you want to obtain a license the process is very long and challenging, but in general, it provides a considerable level of authority if a casino manages to get a license.

Casinos in North America are emerging little by little, and they are looking for ways to establish themselves in the Canadian and American markets. VIP casinos for real money CA are starting to gain a foothold in the Canadian market for several reasons: First of all, Canada is a very stable and secure country in terms of gambling freedom and taxes in general. It does not require a considerable amount of additional charges, which is very attractive for casinos.

Secondly, bringing services to the Canadian market automatically makes it possible to draw gamers from the United States as well. American citizens are frequently using Canadian-established casinos to play various casino games.

How does licensing works in Canada?

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch regulate gambling. This is the main body, which ensures the integrity of the industry and its companies, people, and equipment. When a casino decides to obtain a license in Canada, it should follow the following steps, which include filling out three forms – an application for registration, an enterprise disclosure form, and a personal disclosure form.

There have been several cases in the gambling industry, where a particular casino was deprived of the license following criminal activities. In such cases, criminal prosecution is on its way, and the penalty for breaking the rules is very severe.

Keep in mind that the ways of gambling licenses may vary depending on the place.


To summarise, it won’t be very easy for Canada at the present moment to become the new Malta, as it still has a lot to acquire from its European counterpart. However, the stable situation and a high index of freedom in the country is definitely a positive indicator, which will encourage other casinos to expand their presence in the North American market.

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