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There are an increasing number of sites that you can visit to play your favourite games. Not all are the same of course and if there is one particular game that you like to play, then there are specialist sites that will cater for your needs.

This is the case for example, if you are a big fan of playing bingo. There is an increasing number of sites that are created primarily for those who love to spend their time getting lines and full houses. What are the differences between these online bingo sites and other online casinos? Here are ten important differences

  1. The two sites will want to cater for their customers. An online bingo site will put the focus on bingo games with others being included but not in a starring role so to speak. With the general online casino, the focus is more evenly spread with a good selection of games such as baccarat, poker, roulette or blackjack. There may be some bingo related games on their site but it’s not a major part of what they offer.
  2. You will find that there is a difference between the kind of welcome offers that are given to new customers. Both will often give bonus cash, but bingo sites also offer free tickets for games that could win the new customer some big cash prizes.
  3. A common feature at online bingo sites is the ‘newbies room.’ This is a dedicated room for new customers and is rarely seen at an online casino.
  4. Free games are a regular feature at online bingo sites. Online casinos don’t feature this but do sometimes offer demo versions of game so players can get used to playing them.
  5. Chatrooms are a common feature when you visit an online bingo site. These sites like to advertise the fact that it’s not all about playing their games and there is also a community feel to the site.
  6. Promotions at these two kinds of sites also tend to show differences. Free spins on slot games are common at both but online casinos tend to have tournaments and that’s not seen at online bingo sites.
  7. Live casino action is becoming a major feature at online casinos. This gives the player an experience that is close to playing in their local casino. We’re yet to see a similar feature at online bingo sites but it may appear sometime in the future.
  8. When it comes to games, the bingo site will have a timetable. You can’t just start a new game right away as is the case when going to an online casino.
  9. At an online casino, most of the games are 24/7. That’s not the case at an online bingo site where some of the rooms are only open at certain times of the day.
  10. Online bingo sites tend to put more focus on loyalty programmes than their online casino counterparts.

A lot of players like to switch in between bingo and casino games when playing online as they both come with their own unique winning feeling and the chance to land a house or jackpot. Like any online purchase it is always worth doing your home work and checking out some independent reviews of sites. But what are online casino reviews? Well they are guides and comparisons between online operators and you can find out a lot of useful information by reading them before deciding where to play.

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