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There are plenty of bets that you can place but one of the most straightforward ones is the double. It can be just as exciting as a bet that has plenty more selections and can be just as profitable if high odds selections are chosen.

A double bet sees you choosing two selections rather than just one as with a single bet. You have the option of making it a win double or an each-way double. There is a significant difference between the two as will shortly be explained

Whichever one you choose  the use of a double bet calculator is advisable. This will calculate just how much your double bet can potentially return. Calculating a win double can sometimes be easy but not always. If you place a £20 win double on selections with odds of 2/1 and 1/1 (evens) it’s not too difficult.

The first of your selections wins and you make £40 out of this (£20 x 2) giving you £60 going onto your other selection. If that wins you receive £120 (£60 at 1/1). However, try that with a stake of £50 on selections with odds of 13/8 and 11/4 Time to use the double bet calculator.

With a win double bet, you will need both of your selections to be winners to ensure a return. You could use the cash out feature though to end the bet early and take a winning amount, but not the full sum you’d receive if waiting for the bet to reach its natural end.

An each-way double sees you choosing two selections but this time there are four bets to pay for so the stake will be higher. This time, two win bets are joined by a couple of each-way bets. This means again if one of our selections doesn’t win, the win part of the bet is lost. However, if your selection is placed then the each-way part of the bet lives on.

A double bet calculator is needed even more with this wager. That’s because the each-way part of the bet sees odds being divided, for example quarter or a fifth the odds. If you have taken a price on your selections, then the double bet calculator will take all of this into account and let you know how much each bet will return.

Using the double bet calculator is extremely useful. It’s not just because some of the odds involved aren’t that easy to multiple without the use of a calculator. The calculations will give you a good idea on what stake to make.

It may be that the returns are more than you thought they might be, so perhaps a reduced stake can be made reducing your potential liabilities. It may be though that the returns aren’t as high as you would like, so increasing the stake is an idea. As you can see therefore, the use of a double bet calculator is highly advisable.

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