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Bingo is by definition a social game which encourages players to interact with each other. This requires a friendly atmosphere, so unlike other casino games, this one feels more like a shared quest. Being rude during the bingo game is always frowned upon by fellow players, who expect participants to maintain a positive atmosphere. There are, however, exceptions to the rule and rude bingo calls used to catch the attention of players in the noisy environment are a shining example.

Why are rude bingo calls a thing?

Modern online bingo players prefer to enjoy their favorite game online with trusted bingo sites, rather than in traditional Bingo parlors. Having said this, back in the day when the game was played exclusively in brick-and-mortar locations, large crowds were always present. In this noisy environment, players found it worthwhile to create funny words and phrases to notify their peers about a number being called. Many of them have survived and were imported by online bingo rooms, including some that are a mix of funny and rude.

In theory, every single number has its own funny bingo call, although not all of them are just as popular. Some of them stand out from the crowd because they are easy to remember, while conveying the message with tongue-in-cheek humor. Only a few are appropriate to use randomly, whether you play online or in a traditional bingo room. It’s important to exercise caution and think twice before going over the top, as there’s a good chance to offend more sensitive individuals.

Which are the best known rude bingo calls?

When number 19 is called, some players will refer to it as “keep’em keen”, while 20 often goes by the name of “Getting Plenty”. There are obvious similarities between these names and the manner in which the numbers are spelled, so it’s easy to make a connection between them. In the same category of bingo calls that rhyme with the number, it is worth mentioning 24 “did you score”, 30 “Dirty Girty” 87 “grandma’s gone to heaven”. Obviously, some of these bingo calls can upset certain players.

In the category of rude bingo calls with sexual innuendos, there are a handful of numbers such as 21 “adult fun”, 44 “on all fours” and 66 “kinky tricks”. Perhaps the most infamous finally rude bingo call is “your place or mine” also known as ”meal for two with a view”. It’s not that difficult to realize that these two funny sayings referred to number 69, which always catches the attention of bingo cross. These bingo calls have transcended the brick-and-mortar venues and continue to be used frequently online.

Over the Internet, there can be significant differences between the dirty bingo calls used by people playing at different bingo websites. At the end of the day it depends exclusively on how willing players might be to enjoy these names and have fun with them. It is always recommended to exercise caution and focus on the funny nature, rather than the rude elements of these bingo calls.

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