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How Online Bingo Competitors are Battling to Stand Out

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Online bingo is a very competitive market. Around 22% of all online gambling in the UK is comprised of online bingo players.  It seems that everywhere you look you see advertisements for the best deals and biggest jackpots from so many different competitors. With everything from free deposits, big bonuses, refer a friend and so much more, it’s hard to choose which online bingo company to go for.

With so many different online bingo sites fighting to make you their next customer, they are constantly churning out the best deals to get you to come to them. It can make the process of choosing who to play with a confusing and overwhelming one. With the market being so heavily saturated, it’s likely that more and more online bingo companies will ramp up their efforts with better offers. In this article, we’ll be talking about how these competitors are fighting to stay at the top of their game. So sit back, relax, and read on.

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The Thrill of Bingo

One of the reasons there are so many online bingo companies fighting for your attention is because bingo is still a very popular game. When you think of bingo, many people think of old bingo halls from the 1950s which used to be packed to the brim with players. While there aren’t as many bingo halls now, it doesn’t mean bingo has gotten any less popular. The landscape has just changed to an online one. The overall total bingo stakes in the UK has risen to over £451 million in the past five years alone.

Along with the rising cash prizes, the competitive market of online bingo has many draws for players. The thrill of the game, playing with new people from hundreds of miles away, and the possibility of winning big all make it an exciting game to play. Online bingo sites can also foster a feeling of belonging and provide a social aspect via online chat rooms. But with so many online bingo competitors out there, they need to offer more to their customers. They need to give enticing offers which will get them to play and stay. Let’s look at some of the most popular offers made by online bingo competitors trying to stand out from the competition.

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Bingo Bonus Offers

One of the most popular offers you’ll see advertised is bingo bonuses. They are often quite similar and entice new players to come to them to play. They will often offer a spend X amount and play with X larger amount, or X amount to play with and no deposit. Bingo bonuses are great for getting started with online bingo and can be a great way to test out a new provider without investing too much into it. It’s one of the most effective ways for online bingo sites to entice new players and get them started with a good offer.

Loyalty Bonus Offers

So now that competitors have got users to come and play, their next job is to try and get them to stay. After all, what’s stopping these new players from coming to get the free welcome bonuses and leaving once they’re done? This is where the loyalty bonuses come in.

One popular way is to offer players a re-deposit bonus. Essentially, this gives the player some extra cash to play with for free whenever they add to their deposit. It’s generally a smaller amount than the initial welcome deposit bonus, but enough to entice players to keep depositing and playing.

Some of these may be a one-time only deal or may give you promo codes to use your loyalty bonus when you want. Many online bingo sites also have loyalty schemes which work a lot like those used in stores. They basically reward their users with loyalty points each time they add to their deposit or buy tickets. When they earn enough, players can use them to buy tickets for ‘free’.

Referral Bonus Offers

Ultimately, online bingo sites want more people to sign up and more people to stay and play long term. One of the best ways to encourage this is to offer referral bonuses to players who refer a friend to play. Once the friend has signed up and added to their deposit, the referrer will be rewarded. Whether it is with free money to play with or extra bingo tickets, it’s a great incentive to keep recommending the site to friends and reap the benefits.

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Online bingo is a highly competitive market. To stand out from the competition, companies must offer unique and enticing offers to get more players to choose them. With online bingo remaining a very popular form of entertainment, we can expect to see more new methods of drawing players in.

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