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Guide To Online Casino in Japan


As a nation of gaming and all-round technology lovers, Japan would seemingly be a perfect fit for online casinos.

However, with strict laws continuing to restrict the online casino business in the country, this is a complex and difficult place to understand in terms of gambling. With that said, there are some permitted forms of gambling in Japan and with talk around relaxing gambling laws, the future looks bright in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kazuki Yamaguchi, of, a Japanese online casino reviews website says “Japanese people love to play casino games, it is only a matter of time until regulations are eased in the country.”

In this article, we will take a look at our guide to online casinos in Japan, seeing how the business continues to push for legalisation as well as those casino games that Japanese players most adore.

Can I enjoy online casino in Japan?

Foreign casino sites are the most popular way for people living in Japan to enjoy online casinos. Overseas sites offer Japanese players the chance to enjoy online casino games that have become so popular across the globe.

However, Japanese players looking to enjoy foreign sites should be careful that they are not breaking the law by doing so.

Are online casinos legal in Japan?

Traditional in many ways, Japanese society has long frowned upon games of luck and, as such, gambling is effectively illegal in the nation.

Many see this as a shame because the Japanese clearly have a taste for gambling. This is something shown by their love of pachinko, a pinball-like game played to win money. As pachinko involves some elements of timing and skills, it exists in a kind of legal grey area.

If Japan were to legalise gambling, it would immediately become the third biggest market for on earth behind only the USA and Macau. Perhaps this is the reason for the proposed Integrated Resorts bill which is currently a hot topic in the Japanese parliament.

Japan is aware of the rapid pace of growth in China, their traditional economic rival, and needs to diversify its economy if they are to keep up. Undoubtedly, legalisation of gambling both online and offline would contribute a significant chunk to the national GDP.

Certainly, it will be interesting to see which way the debate around the legalisation of gambling in Japan goes. Those involved in the industry will be watching with bated breath.

To conclude, online casinos in Japan is a complex topic that is constantly evolving. Whilst for the moment it remains illegal for companies operating in Japan to provide online casino games, the future does look hopeful for the industry as talk of the proposed IR bill continues in parliament.

For those players who simply can’t wait any longer, the option of overseas online casinos remains a viable option. With that said, players should be careful that they are not breaking any laws and also it pays to be sure that your chosen online casino, no matter where it is based, provides a safe and secure place to play!

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