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The world of online gaming has opened up the opportunity for players to find and enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their home or while on the move using mobiles and devices. Online bingo and online slots are both much-loved by the gaming community. They have slightly different appeals, although they share similar gameplay. Here we explore the similarities and differences between the two, so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Both online slots and online bingo are very simple to play and don’t require much learning. The basics of slots involves clicking a button to spin the reels. If the reels land on the correct matching symbols, you win the payout for those symbols. Bonuses add exciting elements to the game. Players can get free spins, activate features or find themselves spinning for multipliers and prizes. Despite these additions, the game really does involve an easy click and spin.

Online bingo is also incredibly easy to play. Most online bingo sites allow players to purchase tickets for games in advance or join games that are nearly ready to start. Once in the game, players must match numbers called out to numbers on their card. The first to make the right pattern, fill certain lines, or complete the card wins the prize.

Online bingo is even easier than playing in a bingo hall, where players would be expected to mark their own card and to shout out ‘Bingo!’ when they have made the pattern. On most sites, players’ cards are automatically marked off when they have the right number, so there is no chance of missing anything. This feature can often be turned off if the player wants to take the risk and mark their own card.

The differences between the gameplay of online slots and online bingo are mostly aesthetic. Slots tend to come in many different styles, so there will be an appealing theme for everyone. They can be played by just one player at any time. Online bingo is more socially-focused and usually has built-in chat for speaking with other players during the game.

Slots also tend to be a faster and higher-stakes game. This doesn’t mean that players can’t find micro-stakes slots games (or high-stakes bingo games), but the focus of slots tends to be more on the payout, whereas bingo wins are secondary to the experience. Bingo tickets come at various buy-in prices, with higher prizes when the stakes are higher or there are more players. Slots bets are made per spin, from very low to very high, and the payouts are reflective of this.

Both games also feature jackpots. Online bingo has special jackpot games where players win a large payout if they can make a ‘full house’ in a certain number of balls—let’s say, 42 in a 90-ball game. This can lead to payouts of several thousand. Online slots have progressive jackpots that can run into the multi-million dollar mark, such as the Stars Mega Spin and Millionaire’s Island games, both of which have made several millionaires.

Both slots and bingo are both readily-available online, whether on mobile or as an app. There are plenty of choices online for players who want to try one or both games, and both are also available to play for free to see which one is preferred. Gameplay is similar in terms of what to do, but bingo tends to be a slower-paced and more sociable game, whereas slots are fast-paced and exciting. It’s all about personal choice.

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