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It’s not without reason that online bingo is counted among the most well-known leisure gambling options available on the Internet today. Today, many of the bingo websites come equipped with interactive chat rooms, regular bonuses, bingo tournaments, high prize pools and much more. When selecting the right online platform to play your favourite bingo games, it is very important to understand which type of bingo you enjoy the most.

Here on this page, you will find all the latest bookmakers, many of whom also double up as reputed online casino platforms, offering a wide range of online bingo games to the interested players. Unlike the simpler casino games or even bingo, sports betting can be extremely complicated in everything from understanding how the betting actually works to making your way through often wildly different odds so it helps to have a site that gives you a full breakdown of the different bookies out there and a quick glimpse of the odds they’re offering. This makes sports betting seem every bit as easy and straightforward as a fun game of online bingo.

Let’s now acquaint you with the rules of online bingo and the various types of bingo games you can play on the Internet.

How to play online bingo?

Learning how to play bingo on the Internet doesn’t require extensive research, as the game is pretty simple overall. It’s highly likely that you have already played it at least once in your life, in an off-line setting. It works quite the same way on the Internet as it does in a bingo hall. You make a choice with regard to the type of bingo you wish to play and purchase your tickets.

Thereafter, you wait patiently for the numbers on your cards to get called out, and can even indulge in conversations with other players in the chat rooms while the entire game is being played out. The system automatically calls you out in case you are in possession of a winning card. The only strict rule applicable is perhaps treating your fellow players with respect, as you chat with them during the games.

Different types of online bingo games

Picking a bingo game suitable for your liking is not a very difficult task. Although there are several play styles and bingo cards you can choose from, at core, the rules of the game remain the same. Following are the different bingo types you can play:

30 ball bingo

This one is a pretty fast variant of the bingo game, often preferred by people that have a little time on their hands and/or are playing on their mobile phones. As there are just 30 balls you need to match during any game, the winners are announced rather swiftly and the game is played out at a much faster pace compared to the ones played with more number of balls. Furthermore, 30 ball bingo cards consist of only 9 squares.

75 ball bingo

The most commonly played bingo game online, especially in the United States, this variant is found at almost all the online casinos and is the default bingo choice at most online platforms. The cards in this bingo game consists of 25 squares, and winners are declared on the basis of matching diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines. Easiest of all to play, you can try your hand at this bingo right away! Who knows, if it’s your lucky day you might win big like this mum who was bored with football and won millions by switching to online bingo instead!

Different types of online bingo

80 ball bingo

A little more extensive version of the popular 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo is popular mainly on the Internet. It is about creating diagonal, vertical and horizontal opening lines, with the whole sheet as well as the 4 corners also making your card a winning one.

90 ball bingo

This type is by far the longest version of all the bingo variants. The game can carry on for quite some time, with 3 different rounds to be completed so as to conclude one single bingo game. This implies that a 90 ball bingo game normally has 3 different winners!


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