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How online casinos work in Norway

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The country of Norway is famous for many things, including great nature and many sightseeing places. Norway is a great country if you love wildlife, mountains, forests, lakes, and waterfalls. It is the country for the Northern Lights and the best destination for selfie lovers as well as for the people seeking some extra feelings.

While all of this is very much right, hardly ever anyone knows that Norway is the capital of the Scandinavian region. The main reason why Norway has become the center of attention in the gambling industry is the strict regulations and legal frameworks set by the governmental officials and industry representatives. Gambling is popular in the whole world, and while the gambling regulations are being eased everywhere, in Norway it seems to work slightly the other way.

The casino slots in Norwegian online casinos do not offer the biggest choice in the games, the vast majority of the slots are of great quality and delivered by some of the best online casino game developers. The players from Norway have access to some of the best online casinos outside Norway even though this is not considered legal. Some international and offshore casinos offer the players a bigger variety of games with crypto payment methods, which enables players to stay anonymous from the authorities.

If you are a regular gambler and want to comply with the Norwegian gambling laws, you should take into consideration several factors. Your only option is to play in one of the two regulated and monopolistic casinos in the country. You should know that Norway only offers a limited number of online casinos and shall hardly ever impress any player with the new games or offers in the market. Also, take into consideration that Norwegian casinos mostly take real money bets, yet support some other payment methods as well.

Online gambling activities in Norway

The government is mostly discouraging betting activities even in the top-rated online casinos of the country. The players can actually never enjoy the full pleasure of the free slots and the real money games in any Norwegian casino online that is ready to accept the deposit. In order to enjoy all of the offers in the Norwegian online casinos, players have to get acknowledged with the terms and conditions offered and allowed by the local authorities. Such kind of information can easily be found on the norske casino sider, which in translation from Norwegian means “Norwegian casino websites”. The information such as main online activities and the list of the best possible options can also be found.

Regular online casinos. As mentioned already, Norway has set quite definitive and strict online gambling terms. Actually, there are only two legal and official online casinos in Norway. Though because of the limited options and offers, players mostly seek new opportunities and try to find some other alternatives in terms of casinos. Meanwhile, local online casinos also offer slots, as well as poker and other card games. They are supported by every gadget.

One more very popular option for the Norwegian players in the mobile casino, which players address quite frequently. Mobile casinos are popular, as they are simple to use and can be played everywhere without any limits. Another option is the live casino. Live casinos are the next step in the online gambling industry as they provide the full immersion into the online casino atmosphere and makes you feel like you are making bets not in the Norway casino online but in the brick-and-mortar casino somewhere in Vegas.

New laws and regulations

If you are still wondering if it is legal or not to gamble in Norway, let me answer you directly, it is legal to gamble in Norway, as far as you are gambling with one of the two legal gambling operators, which are monopolized by the government. The online gambling industry in Norway is operating under the state monopoly that only allows two operators to provide online gambling activities – the Norsk Tipping is responsible for the state lottery and sports betting while the Norsk Rikstoto provides the horse betting in Norway. According to the online gambling Norway legislation, no one besides Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto has an online gambling license in Norway and can run legitimate online casinos for Norway players.

Some of the major laws regarding online gambling in Norway were issued in the last decade. Before that, even traditional casinos were not free in operations. The main documents for online gambling in Norway are the Gaming Scheme Act and the Lottery Act. All of the information regarding the laws and restrictions can be found there.

The bottom line

Once understanding the strict nature of the local laws, you may be wondering why do those very organized people have very limited access to gambling. Well, this is caused by the discontent from both players and the operators. One more factor is that Norway is not part of the EU, meaning that the European Commission does not have to do anything with the local gambling regulations. Moreover, some of the most recent changes have been introduced once the Norwegian governmental authority restricted any kind of transactions between the international casino operators and local players.

This fact led to the local players playing with the offshore-based online casino, or using cryptos for transferring money to the casino, as this kind of transaction can not be tracked by the government of financial bodies. Though, before December 2020, Norwegian would successfully make deposits on the Neteller and Skrill e-wallets, in order to make international transactions. As for now, both Neteller and Skrill issued statements regarding leaving the Norwegian market. This outlines the point that locals can no longer make the transactions through the e-wallets and are left only with one single alternative.

In every other country, the gambling industry is developing at a rapid speed, though we can not say the same about Norway. While in any other aspect the country is one of the leading in almost every sphere, gambling is pretty much communistic and restricted. One way or another, while playing in Norway take into consideration many facts in order to avoid trouble.

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