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3 Cultures that are the most popular in casino games


Gambling is an industry with a lot to say to customers. Every game tells a story and carries its history. The main factor to consider is the theme for games. Every developer tries to be original and to use some interesting as well as exciting themes for casino games, in order to make the audience attracted and engaged in gaming.

While there are hundreds of available themes to the games, and a few of them are more popular than others, the online casino game themes never get out of style and there always are players who will be willing to try them. Among the hundreds, there are some themes that are especially beloved by the players. This is for several reasons. The visual side plays a big role. The game with vibrant themes and colors always attracts more attention than the dull game cover.

Certain themes are based on cultural aspects. These kinds of themes are very engaging, as they tell the stories about the myths, legends, and culture, while simultaneously offering great gambling and winning opportunities. There are a number of cultures that are popular in the gambling industry and among developers, but some of the most outstanding are three of them, which are Irish, Nordic, and Indian cultures.

Ireland and Shamrock

Irish people are considered to be the lucky ones. Very outstanding with their visuals, red hair, and bright blue eyes, they can be recognized among others. Irish people are very cultural and have a number of traditions which they follow, making culture even more outstanding. The symbol of Ireland is Shamrock, a three-leaf clover, the plant which is believed to bring a  lot of luck to very.

Just like in many countries and many cultures, the main symbol has a religious connection. Remember that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, returned to Ireland to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity. The shamrock, or 3 leaf clover, represents the holy trinity; the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

Not only Irish people are attractive, but the whole Irish culture and symbolism are very attractive as well. The gambling industry would never lose the chance to create another interesting game around the hot theme and topic, such as Irish culture. Many online casino games evolve around Irish culture and its luck. Many online casino games, especially slots feature Irish symbols, that are native to Ireland. This might include clover leaves, leprechauns, elves, and many more.

Irish themed slot games are especially popular with players, as well as some of the chart-topping online casino slots are exactly based on the Irish culture and theme,

Nordic Culture

This is another very interesting culture, which stands far from Irish culture, but has its own outstanding characteristics and history. Nordic culture is full of myths and legends. Nordic Gods vary and all have different powers as well. Odin, Loki, Thor, and many more are only a few examples of the Nordic gods, who are waiting for the chosen ones in Valhalla. The main god of Nordic mythology is Odin, who is the father of all other gods. Thor, who is the god of thunder and storm. Many movies and TV shows, as well as games, have been based on the Nordic god mythologies.

The Nordic-themed slot games are very popular among people. The popularity is partially caused by frequent exposure to the Nordic culture and legends. Throughout the past several year’s Marvel and many other famous productions have contributed a lot to the popularization of the Nordic culture and gods. The same has been happening in the gambling industry, with the number of developers working on Nordic gods themed slot games.

Just like Irish themed slots, nye casinoer, which in translation from Norwegian is new casinos, feature a lot of Nordic-themed slots. They mainly outline gods and their superpowers. The vibrant colors and elements, such as hammer, thunderlight, and many more attract the attention of many people, bringing slots to the main pages.

Indian Culture

One more very interesting fact is that Indian-themed slot games have been quite a thing for the last time. While Indian culture has very endemic elements and traditions, many developers and producers try to show it to the mass audition via movies and games. Indian culture is full of interesting elements, worlds, items, and symbols. Those symbols usually represent the freedom and spirituality of the nation.

Despite the fact that there are not many native Indians occupying different regions, in some parts of the world, Indian culture and traditions are still followed. Indian movies and cartoons are also very popular among people who love adventures, wildlife, and nature. Because this is the main [purpose of Indian traditions and culture. The connection with nature, wildlife and freedom.

Just like movies and TV shows, Indian themed slot games feature many interesting elements, such as feathers, Indian people, horses, items, and many more. In most cases, those items and elements have to be collected in order to win big money, which is very much possible.

Overall, there are many used and yet unused themes for the slot games, which shall gain a lot of interest and popularity from people. Maybe next year, we will even see a coronavirus-themed slot game in the market, of course, if someone has not created the game yet. One way or another, the gambling industry is very dynamic and adaptable, it is flamboyant and features many interesting elements that will glue you to the scene for quite some time.

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