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Slingo Slots – Basics, Tips & Tricks


If you like to play casino games as much as we do, you’ve definitely heard of Slingo. Have you ever wondered what Slingo slots are and how they are played? If you have, you’ll find the answers right on this page. We’ll also share some great tips to help you win.

Slingo, as it sounds, is a mix of classic Bingo and slot games. You get your standard 5×5 grid where Bingo numbers are displayed. Right underneath the grid, there’s a 5-reel slot with only 1 reel position.

The goal in Slingo slots is similar to the goal in Bingo. You try to cross off as many numbers as possible as long as you have the spins. Also, you try to form horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines with the crossed-off numbers. It’s best if you get to the full house. The game pays out when you’re out of spins.

How to Play Slingo Slots?

If you find regular Bingo a bit boring and slots not on par with your taste, you can get the best of both worlds from Sling slots. The steps to play these games are very similar to regular online slots.

First, you pick the game you want to play. Then, you select your bet value. The range varies from operator to operator and game to game. Once you’re happy with the setup, just spin the reels of the slot underneath the Bingo grid.

Although the symbols are all numbers in a Slingo game, you may get Joker wilds and Super Joker wilds from time to time. They’ll appear on the slot reels. If you get the regular Joker, it can cross off any number on the column above. If you’re lucky enough to get the Super Joker, you can cross off a number anywhere on the Bingo grid.

If you manage to get 3 or more Joker/Super Joker symbols on the slot reels, it’ll result in an instant prize for you. Another symbol that gives an instant win is the Coin symbol.

Last but not least, you may get free spins symbols randomly. If you get one, it means you can spin the next round for free!

Interestingly, not all symbols are there to increase your payouts. Take the Devil for example. When it appears, your score is reduced to half of the original one. Just like you can win a lot in Slingo slots, you can lose a lot too!

Tips to Win in Slingo Slots

Although casino games are considered as “games of chance”, there are certain things you can do to improve your odds. In this section, we’re going to share some tips that we’ve picked up during our time with Slingo slots.

  • You should use the joker and super joker symbols correctly. Crossing off random numbers won’t help you. Rather, try to form horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines with these wilds.
  • In many games, you can buy free spins for real money. Although it looks a bit counterintuitive, you can increase your chances of getting the elusive full-house!
  • Never miss out on a bonus round. In these rounds, the original set of spins are frozen but you can keep crossing off numbers.
  • Play low variance and high RTP Slingo games for maximum return.
  • If you come across a Slingο game that offers multipliers, you should definitely play it. Just like in slots, they can “multiply” your winnings.

Wrapping Up

As casino game enthusiasts, we treat Slingo slots with very high regard. It’s a perfect example of what modern technology can do for entertainment. In most cases, people who like Bingo don’t tend to play slots. The same goes for slot lovers. Bingo is a little too boring for them.

Then, the Slingo games came around. It blended both worlds so well that anyone and everyone can play these games. As days go by, the number of games is increasing and so is the craze for it. Remember, as long as you use your Joker wilds carefully and take advantage of free spins, you can immensely enjoy the games.

Last but not the least, we want to alert you about the devil symbol. It’s not like you can do anything about it but you should still be mindful about where it lands. Just set your bet value according to your bankroll and let your imagination fly.

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