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Slingo’s Predessors Slots and Bingo


Slingo, the game child of Bingo and the Slots has gained popularity. However, it has not yet outshined its gaming predecessors. That’s because both slots and bingo are firm favourites for many players worldwide.

Bingo has enjoyed an audience through games hosted in bingo halls or community centres. Throngs of bingo lovers would come together to hear their numbers called out while they colour stamp said number on their play cards. Winnings from bingo games have been small, up until now.

Slot machines have also seen their transition from bars and casino floors to being played by larger audiences through handheld devices.  The slots have kept gamers captivated with every spin, providing an impressive game library from which players can select.

With developers constantly coming up with new ways to keep both styles of game lovers enthralled, participation has become more inclusive and continues to be entertaining in their similarities and their differences.

To Chance or Skill – That Is the Choice

Slots as part of the mobile casino games community that are accepted as interesting chance plays. Each time the wheel spins, it can land on any number of possible outcomes. A game with 10 characters on each of its three reels can generate as many as 10,000 combinations, with each spin being completely random.

Bingo, as played in bingo halls, requires a scorecard, a marker and speed. While the numbers are being called out, players scurry to colour numerous scorecards, hoping to line five numbers in a sequential row, for a chance to be the first to call out ‘bingo’.

Playing With Different Odds

Slot games either have progressive or a standard jackpot, with odds dependent on the number of lines and reels that generate a payout. The combinations are generated randomly, meaning that each spin will have the same odds on every spin.

Bingo numbers are also called out randomly, ranging from 1-75 or 90 depending on the game. Winnings are one-line, two-line or full house on a five-by-five grid. Probabilities of winning increases with every pick, but only one person gets to win a game. And that’s the person who calls out ‘bingo’ first.

Accessibility And Its Meaning

Traditionally bingo games have been seen as a more socially engaging game through their accessibility on bingo halls or community centres.

Playing online, scorecards are filled up automatically and this means a game is significantly faster than an offline game. For those making the transition between offline to o online, they may feel left out of the game’s interaction, lack of social engagement as well as the game sounds. Online perks of playing online bingo are the higher jackpots and that more than one player can win in a game.

Slots Fast Evolutions

Slots games offer players the largest variety of online gaming than any other gambling game. The reel number and the combinations that are generated per game are some of the numerous gaming features keeping players coming back for more.

Through their multiple reel, combinations, symbols, and lines players find numerous ways of winning from just one spin. Once familiar, the player can navigate between scatter, wild and bonus symbols.

Bingo and Slots Similarities

Online gaming has made it possible for bingo to also reap some of the benefits slots players have enjoyed for years. This being bonuses, jackpots, and free spins with accessibility on offer through online platforms.

Like in slots, progressive jackpots are on offer in bingo games. These are often won with 75-ball and 90-ball games, players can win jackpots when a particular number of balls have been played, which is usually around the 42nd ball called.

As in typical slot games, winning combinations will yield wins for players into free spins, bonuses, and of course the game win. Bingo online games still attempt to retain their social and customer retention elements and usually have a chat feature incorporated into the game.

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