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The Perks of Mobile Bingo

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The mobile gaming industry has seen a huge boom in the last few years. More players are engaging over mobile and more game developers are designing games to fit the trend.

From puzzle games like the Candy Crush Saga to games of chance like online bingo, the mobile gaming industry is seeing rising success for their highly entertaining games. In 2020 alone, 2.4 billion players have been using mobile gaming worldwide. Most players report that mobile games give them a chance to relax and take a breather from their busy work lives.

Many games have now made the switch from in-person and on-location games to being completely mobile and remote. The example we’ll be looking into in this article is bingo, a well-known offline game that has since grew in popularity since the transition online to sites like Let’s take a further look.

From Bingo Halls to Mobile Bingo

The gaming industry has come a long way since Nokia introduced the first mobile gaming concept in 1997. Snake was a huge success and many players still enjoy upgraded versions of the day today.

In the wake of Nokia’s success, many game developers started conceiving their own mobile games. And it wasn’t just game developers, gambling providers began to transform traditional Match Three, Poker, and bingo type-games into easy-to-play mobile versions.

With Apple and Android opening their gaming marketplace in 2008 many providers jumped on the chance to produce and sell their creations through the App Store and Google Play platforms.

Since then, one-time-buys have turned into in-app purchases and players have even more flexibility of choice and game variety than ever before.

Games like Angry Birds, slot games, and bingo games have become extremely popular since players can engage with them anytime, from anywhere. Bingo games, for example, have gone from being stereotyped as a game for an older age-group, to one of the most played games of chance on mobile.

Going mobile allowed bingo to appeal to a wider demographic and a global one for that matter. Players from all over the world download and play bingo from the comfort of their own homes, on the go, or when taking a break from work.

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Mobile bingo allows players to play on the go, anywhere and at any time.

Due to its increasing popularity, game developers are now offering dedicated apps specifically designed for bingo aficionados. The best part of this transformation is that players can still feel like they’re engaging in a socially rich environment.

Game designers took the best parts of land-based bingo and improved upon it to make it a wildly popular game. They added chat features, multiple playing rooms, and are even working on bringing bingo into the virtual reality realm.

The Benefits of Playing Mobile Games

Most players that are already versed in mobile gaming know there are tons of perks to playing games on your phone. Aside from the obvious one, that these games are mobile, there are quite a few that most of us might not even think of.

Relying on our previous example, of bingo going from halls to phones, here are some surprising benefits to mobile bingo:

  • Tons of choices: Forget about the age-old bingo hall game. Today, bingo games come in various shapes and sizes. They’re compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop, and the player experience is pretty great.
  • Free games, special offers, promotions: To compete in this cutthroat industry many bingo sites and providers offer tons of freebies to attract players to their platforms. One quick internet search can reveal multiple options, so the mobile gaming scene is your oyster.
  • Social engagement, community-building: Some people might think that playing bingo via a mobile phone can get lonely. This cannot be farther from the truth. Mobile bingo has massive online communities where they swap stories, teach each other the tips and tricks of the game, and even compete in challenges.
  • In-app perks and extensions: One of the top benefits of playing mobile bingo games is the possibility to save the game and come back to it when you feel like continuing. Big games will send out instant notifications to keep you in the loop and allow you to save your game progress.
  • In-app purchases and secure banking: Being able to build upon your mobile bingo game might be one of the more exciting benefits of mobile gaming. You’ll have your banking details securely encrypted and can purchase add-ons to your bingo game whenever you need to level up your skills and gameplay.
  • Free or low-cost: In the olden days, reaching a bingo hall meant getting into your car, searching for the nearest location, and wasting a whole day once you got there. You paid for gas, possibly your lunch, and invested some money into the actual game. Today, you can play bingo games for free online. Investing in a low-cost mobile bingo game might also be a good idea if you’re looking to make a bit of profit.


Many bingo providers off free versions of mobile bingo so players can trial out the games before depositing their own money.


Nothing in our world happens on its own. Everything is connected to everything else, so just as Apple and Android gave the start for the blossoming mobile gaming industry, game developers are enhancing bingo and other games of chance for players to enjoy.

If you own a smartphone today all you need to do is access the internet and search for your favorite game. Chances are someone has turned it into a mobile version.

You’ll most likely be able to play it for free until you need to challenge yourself. In-app purchases can help raise the stakes and your skill levels.

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