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Top 5 Casino Games

Top 5 Casino Games to Play Online

Playing online casino games can be great fun. Although we don’t always walk away as a winner, most of the time, the participation is what counts. Providing gambling online is not treated as a job – or does not become an addiction – we can spend time playing our favourite games as a kind of escapism.

Everyone has their favourite game, but these five below are undoubtedly the most popular casino games to play online (in no particular order).


The immense popularity of slots shows no sign of losing traction. From the original 3-reel games which were synonymous with Las Vegas’ gambling lobbies, to the fantastically designed video slots and jackpots of modern times, slots aficionados have a an abundance of choice when it comes to slots. The ease of use with the majority of lots also makes for a straightforward gaming experience. Take a look at the paddy power bingo app with in built games.


Roulette is among the easiest of the casino games to play. The table has squares between the numbers of 0-36 (with 00 in American Roulette). The player simply places chips where they think the ball will land on the spinning wheel. There are options to bet on even/odd, red/black, low 18/high 18, and more.

Once the dealer is satisfied that the game is ready to play (usually within a one minute window of opening for bets) they will spin the wheel. Players can win up to 35 x their stake if the ball lands on their number of choice. There are also smaller odds for red/black, split bets and so on.


Blackjack is the king of table games when it comes to online casinos. The popularity of this game has never fallen, and it continues to draw many new players to casino games. It could not be easier to play: both the player and dealer will attempt to get to 21 or as close as they can, without going bust.

16 is the lowest a player can choose to “stick” on while “21” is the highest score a player can get. Blackjack, which is when a player hits an Ace and a 10,  is the ultimate object of the game. Play now on the Mecca app with included games.


The advent of the internet drove poker-fever to a whole new level. In 2018, it is beyond huge, with millions of players all sharpening their skills in order to win big prizes every day. Texas Hold’em is arguably the biggest game them all, which involves a group of players trying to get the best hand they can in each round, knocking out competitors as they go.

Video Poker

Video poker, on the other hand, is a game which is popular as it can be played alone. Jacks or Better is the standard format gamblers play under. The aim of the game is to get the best hand from a randomly generated set of cards, which a number of these cards can be held or discarded.

Any online casino worth its salt will have a number of video poker games to play, keeping this firm favourite a distinctly popular choice for millions.

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