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Bingo is becoming popular all over the world. This is the most apparent in the United Kingdom, which was netting the most number of players back in 2008. However, in this day and age, the world caught up to this fun game and a lot of companies all around the globe started making online bingo games.

First, it was in the UK where the game dominated the charts for years straight including online casinos, who have created bingo for real money services. In 2012, Iceland Foods, a major supermarket chain in the UK, created its own online bingo platform with the help of Dragonfish Bingo Network marketing company and Quick Think Media Ltd (QTM) and thus jump-started the popularity of the game once again.

This popularity of bingo caught up to other countries as well. While in the USA it is considered a game of elderly, in Europe a lot of younger audiences caught the trend thus increasing the player base, popularity, quality of service, and etc. in general for everyone all around the world. Companies started competing with each other for the market share of online bingo games and thus started making superior products.

India was no exception to this hype train. With a population of more than 1.5 billion people, it was a major market for a lot of companies. In addition to this, there’s a very popular Indian equivalent to Bingo called Tombola, which is similar to 90-ball UK Bingo and is played regularly by people in the country. Apart from this, even the laws in connection with online bingo websites and casinos are quite relaxed. Federal Information Technology Act in 2011  aimed to limit foreign websites in India, however, online Bingo and Tombola are still perfectly legal, which creates a huge market interest for a lot of international companies and casinos with some even offering bonuses in bingo for their usual online casino roulette players. Overall, this creates a very competitive environment, which mostly draws people in for these kinds of games.

In conclusion, Bingo may have been popular in the United Kingdom first but since then, the world picked up on it, and now it is enjoying the game wholeheartedly. In India in particular due to, as we already mentioned, tombola, which already had an existing fanbase for such types of games.

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